Welcome to HB Health of Knightsbridge – Laser Clinic in London

At HB Health we are always on the lookout for the foremost surgical, non-surgical treatments and products. For us that means treatments and products that are advanced yet safe and that deliver the very best results.

All our doctors and practitioners have extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in best anti-ageing and aesthetic procedures as well as constantly developing techniques and ground-breaking products.

All HB Health practitioners are actively involved in an array of international medical, aesthetic and anti-ageing conferences and courses worldwide.

“Our ethos is that the optimum natural look is achieved with the best natural products.”

We believe that a good treatment is an un-noticeable one – in our experience the one for which you will receive many compliments on looking fabulously refreshed, but without anyone pinpointing the treatment you have had.

We are committed to delivering you the very best and safe treatment, always.


"Lovely clinic with friendly professional staff. I had Accent Ultra treatment. My therapist was gentle and explained the procedure thoroughly and made her recommendations. I did not feel under any pressure to buy extra treatments. This makes a refreshing change. It’s nice to see people taking pride in their work! I found the treatment relaxing and I am happy with the result. I will definitely be going back! Highly recommended."
Accent Ultra, Face
"Being a lady of 55 years of age I always like to take the time to look after myself, when new treatments come into the market that sound like they can improve my looks and confidence then I will try them.FemiLift caught my attention as its a non surgical painless treatment. I went along to with my husband and had a very informative and reassuring consultation, we discussed a plan that was tailored made specifically for me"
"A Very welcoming and relaxing atmosphere! My therapist Sia was very calming and made me feel comfortable. I had a skin peel facial and I am very pleased with the results so far."
Skin Peel and Facial
"I am 50 years old and I am extremely happy with the results I've achieved from FemiLift, I feel amazing. I used to have a mild bladder problem which I'm thrilled to say has completely stopped since FemiLift. Another great benefit has been an improvement in my sex life heightening all sensation."
"I'm 32 and have been with my boyfriend for 6 years. We decided to get married and as a wedding surprise and I really wanted to have a FemiLift beforehand.. I came along had my consultation and treatment very quickly and its been really effective. We have a very happy new marriage and a great sex life, would recommend this to all newly-weds"
"My mesotherapy treatment was amazing. I really enjoyed it, and my skin felt refreshed. The staffs at the clinic are all very nice and welcoming and I love the clinic location. I am very happy to have found HB Health Clinic. Thank you!"
Mesotherapy and Derma-planning client
"I feel fantastic after my ozone therapy treatment with Steven Karim. He is an amazing individual with true healing power. I would highly recommend trying this detox program."
Inner Health
"At 46 I felt hard done by that I had bladder incontinence. I still have a young family, I like exercise and socialise doing theses everyday activities became difficult as I would sometimes wee myself leaving my embarrassed and upset.When I heard about this treatment I knew I had to try it, Its completely changed my life I feel free and happy again. "
“I have always struggled with my body and facial hair and after extensive research, I am so happy to have finally found a professional clinic that not only offer the latest laser hair removal treatments, but actually gives you results. I am now virtually hair free for my beach vacations and the best part it, the treatment was pain free! Thank you."
Laser Hair Removal client
"The Harmony Skin Rejuvenation laser is the best treatment I have had to date for treating not only my Acne scaring, but also firming and plumping of my skin. Fantastic treatment with excellent results and you can literally treat anything on your face and body with this one"
Harmony, Skin Rejuvenation
"I am so happy with my skin. I had suffered from Acne for many years. My therapist at HB Health clinic was Very knowledgeable and had given me great advice on how to look after my skin."
Acne Patient.