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Body Scanning

HB Health have access to an extensive range of scanning technologies, which fit in with our clients requirements.

Preventative Services

While we are able to offer the traditional services, such as X Ray, MRI, CT , Ultrasound and many others we are also able to offer the very latest in preventive screening technology.

A body scanning example

One typical example is medical infrared breast scanning which uses state of the art technology to scan the body using a thermal imaging camera to produce an image or “thermal scan”. This is based on findings that breast tumours have abnormal blood vessel patterns that give off more heat than the surrounding tissue.

A thermal scan analyses the heat that is given off by the breast and allows for immediate display onto a computer monitor. The images obtained provide an indirect measurement of the metabolic activity of breast tissue. In other words, cancer is identified on a thermal scan as focal “hot spots” and abnormal blood vessel patterns.

• 100% safe, radiation free, non-contact and painless.
• Very early detection of cancer risk (up to 10 years earlier than mammography).
• It is unique in its capacity to visually record physiological problems and metabolic processes

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