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State of mind

Everyone has problems at one time or another both physical and emotional. The difference between success and failure in managing or overcoming them is often knowledge and understanding, which sets you free. Through varied consultation programs our team of highly experienced practitioners will work with you to help you to achieve a a mental, physical, emotional and spiritually balanced state. Tried, Tested and Trusted

A few of the benefits:

  • Feeling good about yourself
  • Make your emotions works for you not against you
  • Cope with success
  • Learn to handle success
  • Control your eating, smoking and drinking habits
  • Enjoy living with your family
  • Link to your mind, body and spiritual balance
  • Know when and how to get help


Hypnotherapy is a natural, effective way of making contact with the inner self. Our unconscious mind is a source of most of our behavior as well as a tremendous reservoir of unrecognised resources and healing intelligence. The hypnotic state lies between full consciousness and sleep. It is accessed by the therapist talking the person through a series of mental and physical relaxation exercises. It is useful in wide range of physical and mental problems such as: stress, lack of confidence, addiction, allergic reactions, anxiety, phobias and pain relief.

Relationship Counselling

Problems can sometimes threaten to overwhelm a relationship. Help from a skilled counsellor allows people to sort out their feelings and learn skills to help them cope with future difficulties. Couples or individuals, gay or straight - counselling can help anyone seeking insight into how to improve their relationship.


Usually an individual will come into psychotherapy because he or she feels at odds with themselves or others. The work explores the person's inner world and how they came to be as they are. It explores areas for change and uses different models to help access insight. Work can be short term and problem focused, or longer term, focusing more on inner disquiet. The relationship with the therapist can be a valuable and non - judgmental place to explore thoughts and feelings. The therapist's role is to listen, to explore, to validate and build a relationship of safety and trust which enables the person to grow.

NLP: Neurolinguistic Programming

Neurolinguistic Programming is based on the study of how effective psychotherapy works. It offers us tools for taking direct control of how our mind processes past events, deals with the present and anticipates the future. By teaching us how to change our mental processes, NLP offers us effective techniques for overcoming past trauma and illness, leading to better functioning in all areas of our lives. NLP is perhaps best known for dealing with specific phobias and helping people to meet challenges such as exams and interviews successfully. NLP has become accepted as a leading field in high performance psychology and is used extensively in the areas of teaching, training, management, sports and music.

Relaxation Response and Meditation

Tried, tested and trusted expert tells you in everyday language how to handle the psychological problems and trials of life. State of mind changes state of body. Good health is the balancing of mind and body to activate your natural healing intelligence and to empower you to take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions. Understanding illness/disease with the relaxation response technique.

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