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Live Blood Testing

What is Live Blood Analysis?

The blood stream, known as ”the river of life,” is the body’s primary means of distributing nutrients and oxygen to the tissue. It comprises plasma, the red oxygen carrying cells, platelets involved in clotting processes and the white immune cells which combat disease and repair oxidative damage. It is vital in the removal of metabolic and other wastes from the cells.

A drop of blood, taken from your finger, is placed under a medical imaging microscope. We “view the terrain” and gain a picture of your current health. What we find focuses direction as far as immediate treatment protocols and indicates areas to be further explored.

What sort of things can we see?

Differences in red cell size and shape can point to excellent oxygen carrying capacity or various types of anaemia or other nutritional and enzymatic deficiencies. The manner in which the cells move freely or clump together can indicate weakness in the digestion of fats or protein. Various white (immune) cells may be seen, their numbers and activity indicating a predisposition towards different types of infection or a healthy state.

The nature of other matter within the blood can indicate the manner in which the body is distributing other metabolic products.

Also the Dry Layer Oxidative Stress Test in allows the droplets of blood to dry on the slide before viewing. The speed and pattern of coagulation give us valuable indications as to the level and nature of oxidative stress you are undergoing.

Through the video monitor you will view your blood and see its activity, your blood streams almost immediate response to positive or otherwise dietary and lifestyle choices. This is an amazing experience for you to fully understand the impact you have on your wellbeing.
NB: Please note this is not a diagnostic tool and it is not possible to diagnose a specific condition through the use of this equipment.

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